Have You Ever Been Molested Before? Share Your Experience(s)

I was molested 4 times by four different women in my childhood days.

Maybe because of my huge body. One of my teachers once told me I look like a giant.

Firstly, It was my neighbor, l was around 7years or so.

She should be in her late twenties by then.

She lured me into her room only to see her naked.

I stood there looking amazed and also disgusted.

She tried to draw me closer to her but I refuse and after like struggling with her for like 2mins, she said I shouldn’t tell anyone, and she let me go.

I remembered I was only wearing a short. And after 25years, I can still picture her unclothed ness in my brain.

Secondly, it was my mum’s area sister who had issues with her husband or so.

My mum allowed her to stay with us in our 2rooms flat.

She shared a bed with me. I was around 13yrs as at this time.

After 3days of this woman sharing my bed with me, I began to feel uncomfortable.

I woke up to ease myself the 3rd night to see her with only pants.

I couldn’t wake her up due to fear. I just slept at the extreme of the bed.

This lady was around her late 20s. She is endowed and wears indecent clothing around the house even our neighbour’s son told me she is interested in him.

One night I was far asleep only to notice I couldn’t breathe and felt a load on me.

I woke up to see this woman naked and more than half of her naked body on me.

Her right breast was on my face. I had a strong erection.

I couldn’t move for like 5mins.

It was a discomfort with great pleasure.

There comes my first ejaculation.

I was shivering and ejaculating…

She just looked at me and smile.

I think my mum later knew about her indecency and sent her away.

Since then, I only saw her like 2 times.

Have You Ever Been Molested Before? Share Your Experience(s)

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